Residential Services

Stained Concrete

When applied to prepped and clean concrete, the stain penetrates below the surface, creating a durable and long-lasting rich color that requires minimal care to stay like new. Stained concrete is low-maintenance. 

Sealed Concrete

Concrete is prepped and cleaned to receive sealer. Sealers are ideal to protect concrete from corrosion, surface damage and staining. 



Offers a unique once in a lifetime decorative floor coating. Finish coat can be your choice of high gloss, satin or matte.


Seamless vinyl flake and epoxy system that offers excellent durability, chemical resistance, easy cleaning maintenance, and abrasion resistance. The color combinations for this floor are innumerable and can be partial or full broadcasts. Ideal for garages.

Concrete Overlay

In order to get exactly the color, shape or design you are looking for we offer decorative concrete overlays. A concrete overlay is the process of installing a thin cementitious layer over existing flooring.  It can be installed over wood, concrete, tile and most solid surfaces around the house. Ideal for pool decks and driveways where damage has occurred by harsh pool chemicals or deicing salts.