​Epoxy floor coating options are as numerous as epoxy manufacturers. That's why we help you chose the right epoxy coating in the right color, right from the begining.


Does your car leave tire marks and road grime stains on your garage floor? We will guide you to the longest lasting, most attractive garage floor coating available.  Our products will outlast the box store products and will look new even after years of use.


Epoxy floors can be integrated into any room in your house.  Laundry rooms are easier to clean with epoxy floors, basements can be turned into a man cave with the addition of sports themed epoxy logo, wine rooms can be transformed by the flowing lines of metallic epoxy. 


With its chemical resistant properties, attractive finish, and low cost, it is the right choice for decorative flooring in your home or garage.


​In order to get exactly the color, shape or design you are looking for we offer decorative concrete overlays. A concrete overlay is the process of installing a thin cementious layer over existing flooring.  It can be installed over wood, concrete, tile and most solid surfaces around the house.


Concrete overlays are can be adapted to compliment textures, color and patterns including tile, wood and nature patterns. 


Product application can vary from 1/8" to 2" and can be finished very smooth or left rough to provide needed traction. Every application is ideal for a variety of colors.


Concrete overlays are ideal for pool decks and driveways where damage has occured by harsh pool chemicals or deicing salts.


For interior or exterior counter tops, concrete can be the medium you are looking for. Concrete is durable, scratch resistant, moldable and may be formed to meet your most specific need.


Make every aspect just as you want- Built in sinks, built in drains, cup holders, inlaid wood cutting boards, square edges, ogee edges.  Its all customizable and concrete counter tops can be poured in place or delivered to your house entirely finished. 


Let us help you design your new concrete counter tops, interior or exterior, and you can see why concrete counter tops are wildly popular.


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