Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is the ultimate flooring option for anyone requiring low maintenance and high wear resistance for the life of their floor. Polished concrete is concrete that has been treated with a liquid concrete densifier and progressively refined by using diamond tooling. Because the results are immediate, the process can be stopped at any point to match the customer’s needs. 

Sealed Concrete

Concrete is prepped and cleaned to receive sealer. Sealers are ideal to protect concrete from corrosion, surface damage and staining. 


Epoxy Coatings

100% solid epoxy coatings, self-leveling slurry, broadcast or troweled mortar systems available.  Each system offered has excellent wear and impact resistance as well as chemical resistance. These systems are ideal for warehouses. Safety colors are also offered for markings on floors.


Seamless durable, chemical resistant resinous flooring system that can withstand impact. This system is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and locker rooms. 


Seamless vinyl flake and epoxy system that offers excellent durability, chemical resistance, easy cleaning maintenance, and abrasion resistance. The color combinations for this floor are innumerable and can be partial or full broadcasts.

Coating Removal & Surface Preparation

With top of the line equipment we can offer grinding and shot blasting coating removal and surface preparation.

Parking Deck Coatings

Fluid-applied, seamless waterproofing system for concrete floors, decks, overhead walkways, and other exterior surfaces that must remain watertight to moisture intrusion and protect occupied areas beneath.

Traffic Coatings

Typically installed in high traffic areas that require a cleanable, durable, coating such as warehouses, locker rooms, storage rooms, corridors, aircraft hangars, and garage floors.


Urethane Cement

Offers a heavy-duty floor finish ideal for manufacturing, food and brewery facilities. This urethane modified cementitious topping system offers high impact resistance and thermal shock resistance.

Moisture Mitigation

Offers control in those pesky areas where moisture is an issue. These systems offer prevention of moisture related failures in flooring systems such as, adhesion, warping, peeling and bubbling.

Concrete Overlay

In order to get exactly the color, shape or design you are looking for we offer decorative concrete overlays. A concrete overlay is the process of installing a thin cementitious layer over existing flooring.  It can be installed over wood, concrete, tile and most solid surfaces.