Polished concrete flooring is the ultimate flooring option for anyone requiring low maintanence and high wear resistance for the life of their floor. Polished concrete is concrete that has been treated with a liquid concrete densifier and progressively refined by using diamond tooling. Because the results are immediate, the process can be stopped at any point to match the customers needs. 
LEVEL 1 finish is the base level for polishing and can have up to 6 grinding passes. It will leave the floor with a low level matte finish and will reflect little overhead light.
LEVEL 2 finish includes 1 additional pass and will have a conciderably higher sheen. It will reflect overhead and side lights clearly, and is very easy to clean.
LEVEL 3 finish includes 2 additional passes to a LEVEL 1 and the most cost effective polishing level. It will reflect direct or indirect lighting and has a high gloss, highly reflective finish, and is the easiest to clean.
The Concrete Cure has been trained by and holds certifications from the best manufacturers in the industry including RetroPlate Polishing System and  HTC SuperFloor. When it comes to delivering the best polished concrete floor, The Concrete Cure has you covered.
Commercial floors encounter harsh chemicals and heavy uses that may damage raw, unprotected concrete. For those floors, The Concrete Cure offers Epoxy Floor Coatings such as high-build epoxy, decorative quartz epoxy, and chemical resistant epoxy. Our process begins with diamond grinding the concrete, new or old, to remove any bond breaking, stains, or weak concrete. The next step would include applying a concrete epoxy primer to make sure the adhesive strength is maximized. Finally, we install the resinous flooring system. Each application is differant and may require as few as two coats of epoxy or as many as five coats. We use manufacturers that are tried and true and back up their products just as we back up our services.
​Concrete takes a lot of abuse.  It's driven over, filled in, covered up, walls get moved, floors get painted and cut into pieces... This is why we have dedicated crew with specialized tools and heavy equipment to make your concrete restoration project go smoothly.
For floor coating removal, we use our HTC Grinding Equipment and Vacuums to remove all surface coatings and level the concrete all the while keeping the air clean and protecting the surroundings. With the coatings removed we can polish the concrete or install a new epoxy coatings, both with our warranty included.
Concrete countertops can show signs of wear within the first months after installation and lead to stains and eye sores. We will remove the failing coatings and install water proof and food proof coatings sure to last the liftime of the countertops.

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